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A N C I E N T   C O L O N I E S

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In this game of ancient colonization, pilot your fleet of colonists to an unknown Mediterranean shore and establish colonies in fortuitous locations. Some of the decisions you will consider:
  • Land immediately or take time to find the ideal location?
  • Benefit from proximity to others or stay more safely away?
  • Re-invest to grow your colonies or conquer those of others?
  • Send your fleet home or use it as a vehicle of influence?
  • Create more colonies or thrive safely behind strong walls?
  • Pursue speedy growth or avoid disrupting the citizenry?

    In ancient times nearly every vacant Mediterranean coastline was colonized by one group of Greeks or another. In the game you may play
  • the tyrannical Corinthians
  • the belligerent Spartans
  • the Euboean explorers
  • the thrifty Phocaeans founders of ancient Marseilles and famed as the best seafarers of all the Greeks
  • the Phoenicians, whose seafaring and trading abilities are legend to this day

    Notable Features
  • A discovered, modular board that is different every time
  • Variable powers and a large card deck
  • No board means it's easy to take along.

    Map of the Region:

    These are just some of the many colonies in the area.

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