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Fri Dec 9 08:25:08 UTC 2016
A N C I E N T   C O L O N I E S
“Gotta tell you, [it] really hits the "sweet spot" for me: an historical theme expressed through (as opposed to – German-style – arbitrarily dropped on top of) very tightly crafted game mechanics. I guess it's the Grognard in me that finds this extra dimension of "meaning" so satisfying – game abstractions with a purpose.” —Garry Haggerty

“Synopsis: Jim Dunnigan and Reiner Knizia are actually one person and the whole direction of historical game design avoids 25 years of specialist dead-ends. I really want to play this game.” —Garry Haggerty

“It's a good enough game. It's an interesting Euro-style game.... Had it appeared [earlier] would have been a classic. —Enrico Viglino (calandale)
Created: Fri Dec 9 08:25:08 UTC 2016