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A N C I E N T   C O L O N I E S
Historical background to the game
Timeline (all dates BCE)
740 Greek colonization begins when Chalcis founds Cumae.
734 Colonists from Corinth and Tenea found Syracuse.
720 Achaeans found Sybaris.
710 Achaeans found Croton.
706 Sparta founds Tarentum.
688 Colonists from Rhodes and Crete found Gela.
580 Gela founds daughter colony at Agrigento.
540 Phocaea founds Elea.
489 Theron the Tyrant rules Agrigento.
480 Agrigento builds huge Temple of Zeus.
480 Agrigento defeats Carthage at Himera.
473 Theron's rule ends at Agrigento.
450 Agrigento starts Temple of Concordia.
443 Euboeans found Thurii.
433 Tarentum founds Heraclea, the last new Greek colony.
430 Agrigento ends Temple of Concordia.
406 Carthage destroys Agrigento.
338 Timoleon makes peace with Carthage.
262 Rome sacks Agrigento.
210 Rome attacks Agrigento.
  89 Rome conquers all poleis in Magna Graecia.

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