Mar. 27 :
Two balmy balloonists are making an attempt at the altitude record, reports the BBC, using a balloon as tall as the Empire State Building!

Feb. 12 :
For your convenience, we now accept payments via PayPal (

Sep. 17 :
The fomer antique balloon images have now returned to the web. See them in all their glory at this collection of pages by
We've also noticed the publication of an interesting new book: The War of the Aeronauts: The History of Ballooning in the Civil War by Charles M. Evans, the first book since 1941 to really do justice to the topic.

Sep. 2 :
We are now down to ten or fewer copies of this game left in stock. There are no plans to make any more at this time.

For a while now we have heard that there were a few errors in the German version of the rules, errors no doubt created by us as we transcribed them into HTML format. But thanks to the kind assistance of Volker Schäfer at Bambus Spieleverlag, all of these errors have now been fixed.

Aug. 13 :
On September 1 we will be conducting a Balmy Balloonists tournament as part of the ConQuest Game Convention. So if you're in the San Francisco Bay area, come by and join us for a good chance to try out the game!

Jul. 11 :
Good luck too, in this busy ballooning season, to Andy Elson and Colin Prescot as they attempt to achieve the world record for highest balloon ascent. Both are veterans of around-the-world attempts. The project's ground control man is Brian Jones who was on board for the first successful circumnavigation. Read more

Jul. 2 :
Congratulations to Steve Fossett who today re-arrived in Australia to complete the world's first around-the-world solo balloon voyage! Up & Away Games wish him a very Happy Landing and will be sending him a complimentary copy of Balmy Balloonists to commemorate the record accomplishment.

Jun. 19 :
We want to wish the best of luck to Steve Fossett who launched today in Australia on his newest around-the-world solo attempt! You can follow along with the progress of the flight at the Spirit of Freedom website.

Feb. 8 :
Added a link to an interview with co-designer Rick Heli. Be sure an' check out the cute cartoon!
This website is now installed at its new URL. The forwarding link is now gone, so please bookmark the new location.

Dec. 14 :
Seasons Greetings to all of our friends, game fans and ballooning fans, around the world! Rather than spam your mailboxes, which if it's anything like ours is already too full, we will restrict ourselves to wishing you the best from here.
For any of you in the US and elsewhere (I know it has been showing in Hong Kong) who have been watching the television program The Amazing Race, did you notice that in the China segment they featured Beijing's Tianten Temple, just as we already had in Balmy Balloonists? Hey Amazing Race, we liked your show, but get your own ideas! ;-)

Aug. 17 : Congratulations to Steve Fossett on his tremendous accomplishment in the Solo Spirit, which unfortunately had to be terminated early due to bad weather. More pictures at EAA Aviation Center.

Aug. 5 : Up & Away Games wishes Steve Fossett the best of luck on his second 2001 Solo Around-the-World Attempt

Jun. 19 : Steve Fossett's 2001 Solo Attempt has ended in failure with a ripped envelope. Pictures
This site's art gallery has gone.

Apr. 9 : News of a NASA project to send balloons to Venus and Mars

Mar. 24 : Swedish rules translation added. Many thanks for the help of Richard Andersson!

Mar. 15 : Brand new Glossary of ballooning terms and their relation to the game.

Mar. 8 : New on-line Review by Brian Bankler
Spanish rules translation added. Many thanks for the help of Manuel Suffo.

Mar. 1 : New Scenario: Team Racing!
Also, today began the new Piccard-Jones Trophy ballooning competition which will last through March 21st. Teams are free to choose their take off times, but all must launch from Chateau d'Oex in the Swiss Alps. The winner will be the team which flies the longest distance. Weather for China is already being forecast... Good luck to all the balloonists!

Feb. 28 : A review is now appearing in the March 2001 issue of Counter magazine. [Excerpted here] Also the FAQ page now answers the question "The board is large and there are a lot of cards and chips. Any suggestions for small tables?"

Feb. 25 : News of a NASA project to send a giant balloon around the world

Feb. 16 : New on-line review by David Sidore. Interview with co-designer Rick Heli.

Feb. 15 : New Rule for those who want a shorter game

Feb. 9 : More Reviews including translation of one from the German gaming magazine Die Pöppel-Revue.

Jan. 31 : In Australia, the game is now carried by Schutze Games.

Jan. 15 : Balmy Balloonists is slated for review by Ben Baldanza in the February 2001 issue of Counter magazine.

Jan. 14 : Auction has successfully concluded. Thanks for all who participated.

Jan. 8 : French rules translation added. Many thanks for the help of Didier Renard.

Jan. 6 : We are auctioning a very special edition of Balmy Balloonists. The game is made with wooden pieces and all-laminated cards. It can be signed upon request. Should you be interested, please visit our auction!

Jan. 1 : Happy New Year and Happy New Millennium to all our friends and ballooning fans!

Dec. 14 : FAQ updated

Dec. 12 : Coming soon -- Auction of a very special edition of Balmy Balloonists. Watch this space for details.

Dec. 10 : Dutch rules translation added. Many thanks for the help of Ronald Hoekstra.

Dec. 5 : Ballooning Videos added to Bibliography

Dec. 3 : FAQ updated

Dec. 1 : Reviews and Testimonials page added

Nov. 29 : Ballooning Links added

Nov. 22 : Photos added

Nov. 5 : More Copies Available

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