Official Rules Change

We always saw the play-cards-on-another-player rule as a way for trailing players to help one another to catch the leader. However, to our surprise and dismay we have often seen this mechanism used to disrupt trailing players. Thus we add this rule to strengthen our original intention and recommend it for all of your multi-player matches.

When playing a card on another, if the target player's balloon is not as far advanced as the current player's balloon, the target player may choose to ignore the card's effects. The target player's pawn is moved to the next counter-clockwise pawn as usual.

To determine the rate advancement between two balloons at different latitudes, start at the position of the more northern balloon and trace a line to the south, advancing slightly on each space as when moving, but do not cross a heavy line. When you reach the latitude of the second balloon, if this position is ahead of the second balloon, the first has advanced past it; otherwise it has not.

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