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Thu Mar 2 00:08:04 UTC 2017

In this fantasy mining and railroading game compete to claim the best diamond, emerald, ruby, gold and silver mines, build railroads to reach them and hire trains to ship them home at the optimal moment.

The northern wastes, unrelieved in their monotony by nought but the occasional promontory, rift or settlement. Yet hidden below the snow and ice are fabled wealth for any hardy enough to seek them out. Only the tough and sturdy dwarves respond to the challenge, delving into frozen mines and building their railroads to carry away precious gems and metals.

In Dwarven Rails players build tracks between cities and mines. Each mine corresponds to a single mine card that produces a single type of good, e.g. diamonds, rubies, emeralds. Players build track using their surveyors, claim mines using their agents and operate the mines to produce goods. When their track connects the mine to their base they may ship goods home via transports to earn income. They may also construct passenger routes to gain income. Along the way they hire additional surveyors, agents and transports to increase efficiency.

Special features:

  • Read the rules
  • Read the reviews
  • Download the Accounts Chart
  • At the Game Crafter
  • Passenger Routes Variant (applies only to orders before 8/5/17)
  • Multi-color paper clips you can use with an optional rule to create your own track (not strictly necessary for the rule, but may be fun)

  • Many thanks to Werlioka for the wonderful dwarf artwork.
    Published March 1, 2017.
    Created: Thu Mar 2 00:08:04 UTC 2017