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Founding Fathers
Sample Solitaire Playing

An account of a solitaire playing. The human is playing the Conservatives; the Liberals are played by "the Opponent", i.e. using the non-player rules.

Turn 1
The Liberals play James Monroe.
The Conservatives play Elbridge Gerry.

Claiming Offices
The Liberals now lead in Congress 23-22 and given their lead, draft the first office, following their priorities list. They assign their offices to Statesmen not already holding them and to the one having the most Ability (with Popularity as a tie-breaker). Turns alternate after that.
1. Treasury to Jefferson2. State to Wilson
3. General to Clinton 4. Envoy to Ellsworth
5. War to Madison 6. Postmaster to Gerry
7. Attorney General to Franklin out of offices

The Issues
Issue 1: Tax Rebellion
  • Hand of Time: Washington dies. Adams becomes President.
  • As there is no current tax, this issue does not occur, but is placed in the next deck.

    Issue 1 redux: Virginia Slave Revolt
  • Adams ignores this issue.
  • Public Support moves 3 in the Conservative direction.
  • Adams loses 2 Popularity.

    Issue 2: Suffrage for Women
  • Adams resolves this issue, spending 1 Influence.
  • Public Support moves 2 toward Conservatives.
  • Adams gains 1 Popularity.

    Issue 3: State Admission: Kentucky
  • Adams and Secretary of State Wilson resolve this issue.
  • Adams and Wilson gain 1 Popularity.

    Issue 4: State Admission: Tennessee
  • Adams and Secretary of State Wilson resolve this issue.
  • Adams and Wilson gain 1 Popularity.

    Adams would like to pass a Tariff and some taxes. However,the necessary office of Secretary of the Treasury is in the hands of the Opponent and the non-player rules specify that the Opponent does not agree to any tax or tariff unless the nation is in debt.

    The Treasury
    After calculating interest, the nation is now $39 million in debt.

    The Election
    The Conservative main candidate is Adams.
    The Liberal main candidate is Jefferson.
    Public Support is at 5 for the Conservatives, so the Liberals must choose their running mate first.
    The Opponent chooses one not from the same state as the main candidate with New York at the top of the list. As it happens he does have a New Yorker, so George Clinton is designated.
    The player chooses James Wilson.

    Initial election placements
    The non-player rules for placement specify that they try to claim states that are closer to those of the human player, have more votes and if tied, randomly among the tied options.
    The candidate placements in order:
    Wilson 89
    Adams 75
    Jefferson 70
    Clinton 50

    Final election placements

    James Wilson becomes the new president. John Adams disdains to become Vice President and retires, scoring 1 point.

    The People

  • The Conservatives have 9 potential points, the Liberals only 4, so the Liberals draft Action cards first.
  • The non-player rules state that the Liberals focus first on Statesmen with a preference for those in their own party and as it happens one is available. They take Charles Pinckney and play him. Their second priority is a card that affects an election. One is available and they take it: Maryland Divides Its Vote.
  • Conservatives take Coalition Building and Dolley Todd. Dolley Todd marries John Jay.
  • Conservatives start a newspaper.
  • The non-player rules state that if the Opponent has at least six Influence they start a newspaper if they do not have one. Thus the Liberals also start a newspaper.
  • The non-player rules state that if the Opponent has at least six Influence they will bid on the extra initiative in amount equal to amount of Influence divided by 5. Thus they bid 1.
  • The player bids 2 and gains the initiative. They draw an Action card and get another Coalition Building. He could get to 17 votes by playing his two Coalition Buildings, but as the Opponent could reach 22, he refrains.
  • The Liberals do not have enough to invest further in their newspaper, but have enough to start another one, so this is what they do.

    Setup | Turn 2
    Created: 28 February 2016