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Italian Rails
Italian Rails is a great PNP game by Rick Heli that holds up on its own and we have had plenty of fun with this very recent discovery and introduction to the crayon rail series.” –Justus Pang

“I've been having fun with my girlfriend playing Italian Rails which is a crayon rails game made by rick heli ... if she wants to build something, a rail line across Italy is something... and if she really wanted to get to know the locations of all the cities in that lovely country, then even better!” –Justus Pang

“I really enjoyed Italian Rails ...“ –April W. (on BGG)

“Pickup-and-deliver is a favorite mechanic of mine so I enjoyed that aspect of the game as well as planning the best routes. There was lots of thinking involved, but we really didn't mind it.” –April W (on BGG)
   “It was very interesting and fun with cool ferry ports. ... My congratulations to the fine author of this version!“ –Andracon (on BGG)

“With Italian Rails, we enjoyed the thought that went in to picking the best loads and maximizing profits by limiting the amount of track you have to buy. “ –ChaoticGemini (on BGG)

“Playable in an hour. So it works for a lunch game.” –caillebotte (on BGG)