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Sat Mar 19 19:32:59 UTC 2016
R O M E   I N  C R I S I S

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A card game of the Ancient Roman Empire.

Without a proper method of succession, once the Roman empire ran out of members of the original Julio-Claudian family, it was forced to experiment with various methods of choosing its emperors. Eventually this situation broke down to such an extent that emperors lasted only long enough to attempt one major project before departing for the Elysian Fields forever. As this was a period when Rome was beset by invaders from several sides, it did not bode well for the future of the empire.

In this game each player controls a number of imperial candidates whom they try to push to the top position to gain honor and prestige by solving some of Rome's many crises before quickly yielding to the next emperor.

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    Created: Sat Mar 19 19:32:59 UTC 2016