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Thu Mar 2 00:08:04 UTC 2017

In Ancient Rome attract clients, secure funds and employ specialists to promote your team of candidates up through the historical course of honor. One of them may even become First Man in Rome!

The game includes two dice in each of five colors representing the support of the people, armies and Senate, plus money and time.

The starting player rolls one of each color plus one of their choice.

Of these they draft one for themselves and pass the rest to the next player.

Each drafted die corresponds to a particular location on the player's personal grid.

Each of these locations grants a different advantage such as more clients, specialists who give rule-breaking abilities, improved income, a loan, or the ability to advance up the course of honor.

Each of these advantages occurs during a different phase.

The clever bit is that the phases themselves are not set, but actually determined in their own grid row, i.e. via the exact same process as the above. This means that players only learn as they go along the types of phases that will resolve on the current turn, and whether they will occur at all.

So the only question left is, do you feel YOU can be the First Man in Rome? Then "Alea iacta est!" – LET THE DICE FLY HIGH!

  • Background: Cursus Honorum (The Course of Honor)
  • Read the rules at The Game Crafter

    Published March 1, 2017.
    Created: Thu Mar 2 00:08:04 UTC 2017