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Mon Jul 3 06:37:29 UTC 2017

In The Republic of Carthage, you must constantly balance personal advancement against the security of the state. Trade and fight to build up the empire. Vie for power in the Senate and on the battlefield. But to grow in size and power only attracts the unwelcome attention of rivals, not just your opponents, but also foreign powers like Syracuse, Pyrrhus and, most deadly of all, Rome.

The Republic of Carthage reflects approximately 350 years in the life of the ancient Carthaginian Republic. Players cooperate and compete to manage its fortunes, especially its politics, wars and trade in this simulation of political and mercantile life in Rome's ancient and most deadly enemy.

Are you smart and savvy enough to survive and even thrive, where Hannibal couldn't?

Special rules even allow you to play this in conjunction with The Republic of Rome™ in a grand scenario that can support up to twelve players!

The box includes:
  • 112 Talent chits
  • 103 Trade cards
  •   84 Square marker chits
  •   64 Early Republic cards
  •   64 Late Republic cards
  •   16 Other cards
  •   64 Influence cubes
  •   45 Popularity cubes
  •   30 Trader cubes
  •   28 Army counters
  •   25 Fleet counters
  •    11 Office and other counters
  •    10 "Liable" cubes
  •    6 Player figures
  •    6 Player disks
  •    3 Dice
  •    1 Chief Rebel figure
  •    1 18"x18" board
  •    1 10"x10" player aide mat

    GREEN EDITION: Find out more about
    the environmentally-friendly, lower-cost
    edition at Founding Fathers: Green Edition

  • Video Review of the Print and Play edition
  • Video introduction to the Print and Play edition, part 1/2
  • Introduction, part 2/2
  • Part 1/4 of the playthrough
  • Part 2/4
  • Part 3/4
  • Part 4/4

  • Read the rules
  • Compared with The Republic of Rome™
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  • Time Line of Carthaginian History
  • Check out Hannibal's Children, an alternate history on what happens after Hannibal actually gets the promised help from Philip V of Macedon and takes Rome – excellent.
  • Bibliography
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  • Published July 2, 2017.
    Created: Sat Jul 1 04:12:28 UTC 2017