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Wed Aug 2 08:09:50 UTC 2017

Discover the world, develop your technology and build your empire!

The First War is an empire-building game for 2 players using discovered terrain, four types of pieces and a technology tree.

In The First War you discover the world as well as significant technological developments to make every turn a different problem to figure out. Whoever who can best read and forecast the trends and find the best efficiencies will triumph.

One of the main ideas is to explore the feasibility of combat without dice or any other random factor (such as cards). So if the dice hate you, this is your game! Instead, players must contend with the vicissitudes of board discovery, position and changes to the basic rules (via technology) as the game goes on.

The four types of units:
  • Hunters – your attackers!
  • Farmers – excellent defenders who also grow food
  • Healers – restore the sick and wounded
  • Artificers – researching new technologies

    The five types of terrain on the 96 hexagonal tiles:
  • Fields – best for farming
  • Forest and Plains – best for hunting
  • Mountains – contain minerals useful for technology
  • Lake – an obstacle, at least at the beginning

    This more compact version offers a smaller map, uses fewer cards and pieces and less time, but is otherwise the same.

    Videos: Introduction · Part 1 · Part 2 · Review

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