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Italian Rails
Draw your tracks and run your trains to satisfy demand cards. Use your profits to upgrade your train – make it faster or make it bigger? First to 250 million Lira wins! Innovations include
  • Special contract locking rules enable competition/races.
  • Extensive ferry possibilities, with staggered pricing
  • Demand cards ordered by value
  • Cash as tiles -- no paper money
  • Design eliminates fiddly commodity chips.
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  • The Republic of Carthage
    The Republic of Carthage reflects approximately 350 years in the life of the ancient Carthaginian Republic. Players cooperate and compete to manage its fortunes, especially its politics, wars and trade in this simulation of political and mercantile life in Rome's ancient and most deadly enemy. In this game you must constantly balance personal advancement against the security of the state. Trade and fight to build up the empire. Vie for power in the Senate and on the battlefield. But to grow in size and power only attracts the unwelcome attention of rivals, not just your opponents, but also foreign powers like Syracuse, Pyrrhus and, most deadly of all, Rome. Are you smart and savvy enough to survive and thrive where Hannibal couldn't? Special rules even allow you to play this in conjunction with The Republic of Rome™ in a grand scenario that can support up to twelve players!
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    As the sun spreads its last rays over the Pacific and prepares to disappear for another night, people prepare to leave the sandy beaches, the scenic mountains, their swanky offices, in search of what? Dinner, of course! And you are eagerly awaiting the chance to serve them at your restaurant! But will they come? Do you have what it takes to attract the most and best clientele to come and dine and have a good time at your establishment? If they do, you can invest the profits to open another place or spruce up the one you have and attract even more business. If they don't, you will need to scramble and come up with a new plan to catch up with your competitors. It's a dog-eat-dog world in the eatery business.
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    Founding Fathers: Ladies & Orators
    This bite-sized expansion to Founding Fathers remembers Abigail Adams' letter to her husband requesting that he "remember the ladies" by adding the possibility of lady "Statesmen". In addition eight Statesmen receive a new Orator ability that enhances their ability to make speeches. Three Statesmen have increased ability when acting in the General role. Presidential candidates who lose twice may no longer run. Finally there are more opportunities for subterfuge, including the ability to put your fellow Statesmen on trial should you pass the Sedition Act. Fully compatible with Founding Fathers and it all fits into the original packaging. For 3-6 (1-6 if you have the first expansion). (Requires the base game to play.)
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    Dwarven Rails
    The northern wastes, unrelieved in their monotony by nought but the occasional promontory, rift or settlement. Yet hidden below the snow and ice are fabled wealth for any hardy enough to seek them out. Only the tough and sturdy dwarves respond to the challenge, delving into frozen mines and building their railroads to carry away precious gems and metals. Players build tracks between cities and mines. Each mine corresponds to a single mine card that produces a single type of good, e.g. diamonds, rubies, emeralds. Players build track using their surveyors, claim mines using their agents and operate the mines to produce goods. When their track connects the mine to their base they may ship goods home via transports to earn income. They may also construct passenger routes to gain income. Along the way they hire additional surveyors, agents and transports to increase efficiency.
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    The Course of Honor
    Who will be First Man in Rome? In Ancient Rome attract clients, secure funds and employ specialists to promote your team of candidates up through the historic course of honor. Via a combination of dice drafting and risk management see if you can become the most glorious and successful family in Rome. "Alea iacta est!" LET THE DICE FLY HIGH!
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    The First War
    An empire-building game. Players must utilize discovered terrain on a 91-tile hex map, four types of pieces and technology cards to their utmost efficiencies. Diceless conflict is entirely deterministic, depending on position and availability of forces, but technology, terrain and reinforcements are determined by varying levels of randomness. In particular, players have some control over which technologies they decide to pursue and some control over the types of reinforcements that appear. For 2.
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    Ancient Colonies
    Modular board game of ancient Greek exploration, colonization and achievement. Each player controls a different faction with its own special ability and strategy. Players discover the board as they play, making the game different every time. The deck of achievements and diasters includes 81 cards, only some of which are used each time, also providing stark differences from match to match. Players discover the coastline, decide where to settle, how to develop their colonies and if and when to make war on their neighbors. For 2-5.
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    Rome in Crisis
    A card game of the Ancient Roman Empire in a turbulent period period when Rome was beset by invaders from several sides. Each player controls a number of imperial candidates whom they try to push to the top position to gain honor and prestige by solving some of Rome's many crises before quickly yielding to the next emperor. For 2-4.
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    Founding Fathers: Offices & Statesmen
    This expansion to Founding Fathers adds more Statesmen and Offices. There are also rules for High Tension elections that reflect the torrid situation in 1860, a Historical Factions variants for all existing scenarios plus two-player and even solitaire rules. New, more powerful Action cards offer even more scope for intrigue. Plus there are extra cubes in case you're always running out. For 1-6. (Requires the Founding Fathers base game to play.)
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    Founding Fathers
    Politics in the early American Republic starting with George Washington in the executive mansion and continuing to the possible outbreak of the Civil War. Includes every statesman who ever ran for president, all the vice presidents, several more besides and every major issue of the period including wars, tariffs and every state admitted as you build the map of a new nation. For 3-6.
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    Balmy Balloonists
    The strategy game in which players compete to be the first to fly their hot air balloons completely 'round the world can be played by any number from 2-6 players and special rules even permit challenging solitaire games. Balmy Balloonists is designed for players aged 10 to adult and lasts between 15 and 90 minutes, depending on the number of players. Each game contains rules printed in both English and German. Rules translations in several other languages are available.
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